About us

Brussels Partners (BRP) was established by two former colleagues of BCG : Renaud du Parc and Birger Jespers. Although we come from very different backgrounds, we share the same passion for healthcare; Renaud has a background in management (MBA) and engineering (MScE) and Birger is a MD. We have both built up a strong experience in hospital management, while advising several hospitals on their strategy or while solving numerous management issues. Both of us have also acquired experience in pharmaceuticals.


Renaud du Parc is a trained engineer and graduated from MScE - UCL and holds an MBA (Stanford University). He developed his entrepreneurial spirit at Stanford. With a team of students, he was involved in the go-to-market of a solution for cardiac patients. In 2006 he joined a well-known strategic consultant : the Boston Consulting Group. He led several projects in healthcare, among which the turnaround of a Belgian academic hospital. All along his career, which started at UCB in 1999, he has tackled many management issues: operational, financial, social, etc. In march 2010, he joined Birger to establish Brussels Partners.

Birger Jespers is a MD (VUB). Next to his role at BRP, he still practices as an accident and emergency physician –which enables him to keep in touch with the medical reality. In 2005, he joined the Boston Consulting Group where he led numerous projects in healthcare, and more in particular in hospitals all over Europe : definition of a new strategy, development plan, follow-up of turnaround, etc. As a MD he is in a very good position to build bridges between the medical side and the management side of the hospital. In 2010, he joined Renaud du Parc, when they established together Brussels Partners.