Interim management

One sometimes needs more than an advisor. In such cases, BRP can play an active role in the operations of the hospital or company with the expected expertise and experience. BRP is ready to share risks with its clients.

Why may one need interim management ?

  • Companies are living organizations; change is around the corner. These changes may be abrupt or fundamental. Moreover, people are sometimes caught unprepared. Any company may undergo deep structural changes (merger, restructuring, turnaround, development of a new business, etc.), or for one reason or another an experienced manager may have to be replaced. When this happens, the adequate resources may be lacking to meet these challenges. Interim management is then a flexible and efficient solution for you. In a matter of days, the right competences can be added to your team to meet the challenges you are facing.
  • Some companies are in need of continuous operational support : as an additional resource to help executive committees take the right decisions or as mission handler. They consider this support a guarantee of independence and professionalism.

How does it work ?
  • Depending on your needs, we will send you the right manager (according to his/her experience and skill set; BRP can use its own resources and also tap from a network of experts in the field).
  • The interim manager will play an active role in your company, just as if he were on your payroll (with decision rights, a reporting line, resources to tackle his mission, etc.)
  • Most of the time, the interim manager is assigned for a limited period of time. He will always ensure a smooth handover of his file: selection of the appropriate profile to replace him, definition of a new organization, implementation of efficient processes, etc.