Operational and strategic consulting

BRP founders have acquired a genuine experience in hospital management throughout their careers. Next to advice in operational or strategic management, BRP can disseminate comprehensive knowledge and expertise in a complex sector.

We distinguish ourselves from traditional consulting firms by providing result-oriented services. On the one hand we go for rigorous analysis, on the other hand we always strive to suggest solutions the client will be able to implement, while paying constant attention to human and resource constraints. Ad-hoc, BRP can call on a network of experts to tackle specific issues.

Our past experience covers a broad range of management issues incl. hospital and turnaround management:

  • Medical management: medical organization, selection of activity portfolio, quality of care, clinical pathways, incentive schemes for MD’s, organization sizing to meet expected demand (+ mix of seniority), etc.
  • Operational, administrative and financial management: organization design, management control, budgeting processes, financial planning, design and use of dashboards as management tool, analytical accounting, support to negotiations with unions, communication, cash flow management, debt structure, mapping and design of process flows -admin, logistics, patients- etc.